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School District #6

The Provincial Outreach Program for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (POPFASD) is funded by the British Columbia Ministry of Education and has been in existence since 2006. The POPFASD Team is located in Prince George, British Columbia and hosted by School District No. 57. A multi-district Steering Committee offers advice, direction and feedback. The mandate of our program is to increase educators’ capacity to meet the learning needs of students with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. We share current research, ideas, strategies, training and resources in order to build capacity in school districts for students with FASD and their teachers. We also liaise with designated POPFASD District Partners from each district; this allows us to communicate through one key individual from each district regarding in-service and support need. We are a team of 2.8 teachers, a 1.0 Technical Analyst, and a 0.5 Office Assistant.

​What are the goals of the Provincial Outreach Program for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder?

Program goals

  • Provide support and training for educators of students living with FASD.
  • Build district capacity to serve students in their home school districts by working with a District Partner.
  • Provide online access to information, eLearning videos, resources and training.
  • Synthesize and share current research and successful practices to support students with FASD.
  • Share knowledge and practice.
  • Liaise with school districts, the Ministry of Children and Family Development, the Ministry of Health, and our multi-district Steering Committee.


  • Provides access to resources via the website
  • Delivers online eLearning video modules
  • Facilitates and presents workshops as requested
  • Facilitates and presents online FASD training
  • Provides supports and resources for District Partners
  • Liaises with other Ministries
  • Maintains a website community via the BLOG
  • Synthesizes and shares current FASD research
  • Provides consultation and support to teachers
  • Consults and liaises with the experts in the field of FASD
  • Facilitates information sharing
September 9th is International FASD Day and we'd like to remind you all of the importance of sharing the prevention message:
Alcohol and pregnancy: no safe time, no safe amount.

For more information about the specific dates and times of online FASD training, please visit​.