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Rocky Mountain
School District #6


To enhance student opportunities for success by providing access to curriculum through the use of appropriate educational and communication technologies.


SET-BC is a Ministry of Education Provincial Resource Program established to assist school districts in educating students whose access to the curriculum is restricted primarily due to the following disabilities:

  • physical disabilities or chronic health impairments
  • visual impairments
  • dependent handicaps
  • deafblindness
  • autism spectrum disorders
  • moderate to profound intellectual disabilities

A) to lend assistive technologies (reading, writing, and communication tools) where required to ensure students' access to educational programs, and

B) to assist school districts in providing the necessary training for students and educators in the use of these technologies 


SET-BC services are coordinated in each district by SET-BC District Partners. School team members who have any questions about the SET-BC process should contact their District Partner for information and support. 

School Teams interested in working with SET-BC please contact

Assistant Superintendent Jennifer Turner at 250-342-4674



Rocky Mountain School District #6

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