Rocky Mountain School District No. 6


The Sandwich Swap
by Rania Al-Abdullah, Kelly DiPucchio, Tricia Tusa (Illustrator)

Lily and Salma are best friends. They like doing all the same things, and they always eat lunch together. Lily eats peanut butter and Salma eats hummus--but what's that between friends? It turns out, a lot. Before they know it, a food fight breaks out. Can Lily and Salma put aside their differences? Or will a sandwich come between them?

The Sandwich Swap Lesson Plan

Siku’s New Friend
by Kaitlin Tremblay

When a new dog moves in next door, Siku and Kamik’s friendship is tested. This fun story teaches children about the importance of friendship and how to deal with feeling left out.

Siku's New Friend Lesson Plan

Herb, the Vegetarian Dragon
by Jules Bass and Debbie Harter

Herb is the only vegetarian dragon in a land full of carnivores. He tends his garden while others of his species much on the inhabitants of a nearby castle. Herb shows his fellow dragons and the people of the castle how they can live together in harmony.

Herb, the Vegetarian Dragon Lesson Plan

by Judy Bloom

Jill Brenner, a Pennsylvania fifth-grader joins her classmates in ostracizing and bullying Linda, an awkward and overweight girl.
Blubber Lesson Plan

Bootsie Barker Bites
by Barbara Bottner

Bootsie Barker is a tiny terror who kicks dogs, sticks out her tongue, and throws temper tantrums. But when she turns her nastiness on her playmate, Bootsie receives a taste of her own medicine.

Bootsie Barker Bites Lesson Plan

Eagle Song
by Joseph Bruchac

Danny Bigtree’s family has moved to a new city, and Danny can’t seem to fit in. He’s homesick for the Mohawk reservation, and the kids in his class tease him about being an Indian – the thing that makes Danny most proud. Can he find the courage to stand up for himself?

Jayde the Jaybird
by Brandee Buble

Jayde is an adorable jaybird with a tiny left wing and a big voice. Although it’s not easy keeping up with the others, it doesn’t stop her from doing what she loves…singing. But Jayde is too shy to share her voice with her family, and only her best friend, Olivia knows about her hidden talent. Come fly away with Jayde and see what happens when she finally gets the courage to sing loud enough for the whole forest to hear.

Jayde the Jaybird Lesson Plan

The Polar Bear’s Gift
by Jeanne Bushey

Inspired by a traditional Inuit legend, The Polar Bear’s Gift is about the compassion and resourcefulness of a young girl with ambitious dreams. It is Pani’s trial and her triumph to discover that what makes a great hunter is not necessarily a straight aim. It is the lure of the heart on the cold arctic ice.

The Polar Bear's Gift Lesson Plan

The Name Jar
by Yangsook Choi

The new kid in school needs a new name! Or does she? Being the new kid in school is hard enough, but what about when nobody can pronounce your name? New to her country and her school, Unhei and her classmates learn to appreciate what makes her unique.

The Name Jar Lesson Plan

Jake Drake, Bully Buster
by Andrew Clements

It is up to Jake Drake to take matters into his own hands when Link Baxter, SuperBully moves into the neighbourhood.

Jake the Drake Bully Buster Lesson Plan

The Recess Queen
by Alexis O'Neill, Laura Huliska-Beith (Illustrator)

A fresh & original twist on the common issue of bullying. Kids will relate, & parents & teachers will appreciate the story's deft handling of conflict resolution (which happens w/o adult intervention)

The Recess Queen Lesson Plan
BC Learning Outcomes

Sometimes I Feel Like a Fox
by Danielle Daniel

In this introduction to the Anishinaabe tradition of totem animals, young children explain why they identify with different creatures such as a deer, beaver or moose.

Sometimes I Feel Like a Fox Lesson Plan

Blue Cheese Breath And Stinky Feet – How to Deal with Bullies
by Catherine DePino

Gus is the school bully, and Steve is his latest victim. When Steve finally tells his parents about the problem, they help him formulate and practice a plan for discouraging Gus. The plan includes specific, practical tips for discouraging and coping with bullies. Steve soon puts it to use, with success.

Blue Cheese Breath and Stinky Feet Lesson Plan
BC Learning Outcomes

Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun – Having the Courage to Be Who You Are
by Maria Dismondy

Lucy’s grandpa has always taught her the importance of treating others the way you would want to be treated, and that it’s okay to be different. When Lucy’s classmate Ralph starts teasing her at school, Lucy makes a very courageous decision to stand up for herself and what she believes.

Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun Lesson Plan
BC Learning Outcomes

The Hundred Dresses
by Eleanor Estes

A Polish girls named Wanda Petronski attends a Connecticut school where the other children see her as “different” and mock her.

The Hundred Dresses Lesson Plan

Whoever you Are
by Mem Fox

Every day all over the world, children are laughing and crying, playing and learning, eating and sleeping. They may not look the same. They may not speak the same language. Their lives may be quite different. But inside, they are all alike.

Whoever You Are Lesson Plan
BC Learning Outcomes

Lila and the Crow
By Gabrielle Grimard

Lila has just moved to a new town and can’t wait to make friends at school. But on the first day, a boy points at her and shouts: “A crow! A crow! The new girl’s hair is black like a crow!” The others whisper and laugh, and Lila’s hard grows as heavy as a stone.

Lila and the Crow Lesson Plan

When Randolph Turned Rotten
by Charise Mericle Harper

Most of the time Randolph is very, very nice. But when his friend Ivy gets invited to a really great sleepover birthday party and he doesn’t, Randolph feels a little left out, and sad, and mad. And then he goes a little crazy! Will he ever turn back to the nice friend he once was? We hope so!

When Randolph Turned Rotten Lesson Plan
BC Learning Outcomes

by Kevin Henkes

Chrysanthemum thinks her name is absolutely perfect—until her first day of school. "You're named after a flower!" teases Victoria. "Let's smell her," says Jo. Chrysanthemum wilts. What will it take to make her blossom again?

Chrysanthemum Lesson Plan
BC Learning Outcomes

by Kevin Henkes

"Fuzzy goes where I go."Owen's fuzzy yellow blanket is his favorite possession. Everywhere Owen goes, his blanket goes with him. Upstairs, downstairs, in-between. Inside, outside, upside down. Everywhere! Owen's parents are in despair--soon Owen will begin school, and he can't take Fuzzy with him then.

Owen Lesson Plan
BC Learning Outcomes

A Weekend with Wendell
by Kevin Henkes

What happens when the bossiest cousin ever comes to visit for the weekend? This classic picture book about sharing and accepting others is a funny and realistic look at handling a friend or family member who isn't so good at sharing.

A Weekend with Wendell Lesson Plan
BC Learning Outcomes

The Boy with Pink Hair
by Perez Hilton

He was born that way-The Boy with Pink Hair. He had a cotton candy colored mop that no one had ever seen before . . . Life is not easy being pink. Adults stare at you, little children giggle behind your back and some kids are just mean.

The Boy with Pink Hair Lesson Plan
BC Learning Outcomes

The Woman Who Married a Bear
by Elizabeth James

While picking blackberries one summer day, a young woman steps in a pile of bear dung. Disgusted, she curses the bears. Two black bears overhear her complaints and decide to teach her a lesson. They take her to their village, where she’s forced to marry the Bear Chief's nephew.

The Woman Who Married a Bear Lesson Plan
BC Learning Outcomes

I Walk with Vanessa
by Kerascoet

Named by Parents Magazine as the "Best Book that Champions Kindness"! This simple yet powerful picture book--from a New York Times bestselling husband-and-wife team--tells the story of one girl who inspires a community to stand up to bullying.

I Walk with Vanessa Lesson Plan

The Girls
By Amy Goldman Koss

Maya has been part of the group ever since the day Candace asked her if she wanted to "do lunch" in the cafeteria. Yet when Candace suddenly deems her unworthy, Maya's so-called friends just blow her off. While Maya just wants the girls back like they used to be, she knows that can never happen-because whatever Candace wants, Candace gets, no matter who gets hurt. Maya isn't sure exactly where things went wrong for her, but she knows she has to find out who her real friends are, and who among the girls she can trust.

Hooway for Wodney Wat
By Helen Lester

Poor Rodney Rat can't pronounce his R's and the other rodents tease him mercilessly. But when Camilla Capybara joins Rodney's class and announces that she is bigger, meaner, and smarter than any of the other rodents, everyone is afraid. It seems she really is bigger, meaner, and smarter than all of the rest of them. Until our unwitting hero, Wodney Wat, catches Camilla out in a game of Simon Says. Read along with Wodney as he surprises himself and his classmates by single-handedly saving the whole class from the big bad bully.

Hooway for Wodney Wat Lesson Plan
BC Learning Outcomes

Mookey the Monkey Gets Over Being Teased
By Heather Lonczak

Mookey, the Monkey was born with no fur, not a single hair. His family loves to pat his smooth head and make him fun clothes. But when he starts school, some of his classmates stare and giggle and call him ""Baldy."" Mookey thinks acquiring fur is the answer, but his attempts don't work out the way he imagines.

Mookey the Monkey Lesson Plan
BC Learning Outcomes

Just Kidding
By Trudy Ludwig

D.J.'s friend Vince has a habit of teasing D.J. and then saying, Just kidding!" as if it will make everything okay. It doesn't, but D.J. is afraid that if he protests, his friends will think he can't take a joke.

Just Kidding Lesson Plan
BC Learning Outcomes

The Invisible Boy
by Trudy Ludwig

A simple act of kindness can transform an invisible boy into a friend…
Meet Brian, the invisible boy. Nobody ever seems to notice him or think to include him in their group, game, or birthday party... until, that is, a new kid comes to class.

The Invisible Boy Lesson Plan

The English Roses
by Madonna

Four little girls--Nicole, Amy, Charlotte, and Grace--are eleven years old and the very best of friends. They have sleepovers, picnics and ice-skating parties that exclude Binah, a beautiful girl whose seemingly perfect life makes them "green with envy." However, when a feisty, pumpernickel-loving fairy godmother takes them on a magical journey, they learn to their great surprise that Binah's life is not nearly as enviable as it had seemed. The English Roses is an inspiring story about the importance of compassion and the rewards of friendship.

The English Roses Lesson Plan
BC Learning Outcomes

Mr. Peabody’s Apples
by Madonna

Mr. Peabody is the beloved elementary school teacher and baseball coach, who one day finds himself ostracized when rumors spread through the small town. Mr. Peabody silences the gossip with an unforgettable and poignant lesson about how we must choose our words carefully to avoid causing harm to others.

Mr. Peabody’s Apples Lesson Plan

My (Worst) Best Sleepover Party
by Anna Morgan

Rose decides to have a sleepover party for her birthday. What she thought was a great idea turns into a nightmare when the two most popular girls in the class declare they won’t attend if Rose insists on inviting her best friend, Stacy.

My (Worst) Best Sleepover Party Lesson Plan
BC Learning Outcomes

Say Something
by Peggy Moss

The girl in this story sees it happening, but she would never do these mean things herself. Then one day something happens that shows her that being a silent bystander isn’t enough. Will she take some steps on her own to help another kid? Could it be as simple as sitting on the bus with the girl no one has befriended (and discovering that she has a great sense of humor)? Resources at the end of the book will help parents and children talk about teasing and bullying and find ways to stop it at school. One child at a time can help change a school.

Say Something Lesson Plan
BC Learning Outcomes

A Promise is a Promise
by Robert Munsch

"A Promise Is A Promise" is about the Qallupilluq (plural, Qallupilluit), an imaginary creature like a troll, that lives in the Hudson’s Bay or resides in icebergs. The Qallupilluit wear women’s parkas of loon feathers, are grotesque-looking, and grab children who come too near the shore or stand too close to cracks in sea ice. The main character in the story is Allashua, a young Inuk girl.

A Promise is a Promise Lesson Plan
BC Learning Outcomes

Enemy Pie
by Derek Munson

It was the perfect summer. That is, until Jeremy Ross moved into the house down the street and became neighborhood enemy number one. Luckily Dad had a surefire way to get rid of enemies: Enemy Pie. But part of the secret recipe is spending an entire day playing with the enemy! In this funny yet endearing story one little boy learns an effective recipe for turning a best enemy into a best friend.

Enemy Pie Lesson Plan

King of the Playground
by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Whenever Kevin goes to the playground, he runs into Sammy, who threatens to do terrible things to him. With the help of his dad, Sammy is able to bring about a final confrontation that leads to the tentative beginnings of a friendship.

Kind of the Playground Lesson Plan
BC Learning Outcomes

by Kathryn Otoshi

Blue is a quiet color. Red's a hothead who likes to pick on Blue. Yellow, Orange, Green, and Purple don't like what they see, but what can they do? When no one speaks up, things get out of hand — until One comes along and shows all the colors how to stand up, stand together, and count.

One Lesson Plan

by Kathryn Otoshi

Zero is a big round number. When she looks at herself, she just sees a hole right in her center. Every day she watches the other numbers line up to count: "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 . . . !" "Those numbers have value. That's why they count," she thinks. But how could a number worth nothing become something?

Zero - Read Aloud, Activity Sheets ... Good Stuff!
Zero Lesson Plan

by Aura Parker

Heidi is a stick insect, tall and long like the twig of a tree. It’s her first day at a busy bug school, where she hopes to learn and make new friends.

Twig Lesson Plan

Milo and the Magical Stones
by Marcus Pfister

On a small island in the middle of the sea, a mouse named Milo makes an extraordinary discovery - a magic, glowing stone hidden in a deep crevice. The reader can decide whether this discovery will bring the mice delight or disaster.

MILO and the Magical Stones Lesson Plan

Yoon and the Jade Bracelet
by Helen Recorvits

It is Yoon's birthday and all she wants is a jump rope so she can play with the other girls in the school yard. Instead, Yoon's mother gives her a Korean storybook about a silly girl who is tricked by a tiger. Yoon also receives a jade bracelet that once belonged to her grandmother.

Yoon and the Jade Bracelet

There’s A Norseman in the Classroom!
by Grayson Smith

What if on the first day of class a complete stranger comes in? Norm does not know much about the way kids behave in his new class, but he really wants to learn and to belong. He is VERY different, but he brings his own special talents to the class and with the help of the teacher and children he soon fits right in.

There's A Norseman in the Classroom! Lesson Plan

Angus All Aglow
by Heather Smith

Angus loves sparkly things. He can even hear the sounds of sparkling things! He feels all aglow with an inner sparkle when he is happy. When Angus wears his grandma’s sparkly necklace to school the children make fun of him. The kindness of a new friend lights up his life again. Acceptance of differences leads to healthier relationships. This book shows the value of helping, friendship and sharing.

Angus All Aglow Lesson Plan

The Patched Heart: A Gift of Friendship and Caring
by H.E. Stewart

Patch is a brave and energetic puppy, until one day he becomes sick and is in pain. He is afraid when paramedics take him to the hospital, but his faithful friends and a whole community of compassionate caregivers help him to recover.

The Patched Heart Lesson Plan
BC Learning Outcomes

Gray Wolf’s Search
by Bruce Swanson

Gray Wolf, a boy who lives on the Pacific Northwest Coast with the other members of the Wolf Clan, is tasked by his shaman uncle to find someone important and get to know this person well. After receiving clues from Eagle, Bear, Whale, Beaver, Owl and Wolf about the person he seeks, Gray Wolf returns to the clan to share his new wisdom.

Gray Wolf’s Search Lesson Plan

The Heart’s Song
by Gilles Tibo

Every day, Miss Matilda goes to the neighbourhood park with a suitcase full of tools and all the skills to use them. The children know she can fix anything they bring her, from toys to buckets, clothing to glasses. But she knows how to fix other hurts, too – the hurts that cannot be seen with the eyes or fixed with a tool. One day, her own heart needs mending. Has she shown the children how to help a person who is hurting on the inside?

The Heart’s Song is a beautifully illustrated story of the power of love, friendship and community to repair damage of all kinds.

Eagle Boy: A Pacific Northwest Native Tale
by Richard Lee Vaughan

The village people living along the Pacific Coast didn’t like the eagles that swooped from the sky and snatched fish from the waters, but Eagle Boy, an orphan who loved to watch the eagles, always shared his fish with them. One year when fish became scarce, the people had to move their village and left Eagle Boy behind. The eagles remembered his generosity and brought him more food than he could eat. Eventually, Eagle Boy saves the village from starvation.

Eagle Boy Lesson Plan
BC Learning Outcomes

I Like Who I Am
by Tara White

Celina, a young Mohawk girl moves to her mother’s home reserve. Celina is teased because she looks different from the other children. The teasing intensifies with more people becoming involved in the taunting and exclusion. Celina talks it out with her grandmother and discovers that being Mohawk is more than just the way you look.

I Like Who I Am

by Bernard Waber

What is courage? There are “awesome kinds” of courage and “everyday kinds” of courage. This book celebrates the moments, big and small, that bring out the hero in each of us from “being the first to make up after an argument” to “going to bed without a nightlight.”

Courage Lesson Plan
BC Learning Outcomes

The Boy Who Grew Flowers
by Jen Wojtowicz

Rink and his family live on Lonesome Mountain, a long way from the city. At school, other children stay away from Rink and gossip about him because they think he and his family are strange. One day, a new girl, Angelina arrives at school. She does not think Rink is strange. Rink and Angelina become friends by sharing their unique gifts with one another.

The Boy Who Grew Flowers Lesson Plan
BC Learning Outcomes

The Day You Begin
by Jacqueline Woodson

Everyone feels on the outside sometimes. Maybe you look different from all the other kids. Maybe you like different games or food than most kids in your class. Maybe you come from a different country and no one seems to understand you. It’s hard, but it’s also an opportunity to learn about yourself and to teach others about your world. You just have to begin.

The Day You Begin Lesson Plan

Each Kindness
by Jacqueline Woodson

Chloe and her friends won’t associate with the new girl, Maya. Maya is different. She wears used clothes and plays with old-fashioned toys. Every time Maya tries to play with Chloe and her friends, they reject her. Eventually, Maya plays alone, and then stops coming to school altogether.

Each Kindness Lesson Plan