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Alexander Park Elementary School
Weyt-kp!Hello! Kiʔsuk kyukyit! Tawnshi!

Welcome to the Parents/Students Page. Please use the links in the pull down menu above to find newsletters, Parent Advisory Council minutes, supply lists, and more.

Mrs. Nagao's Class Presentation (November 10, 2021)


School Sing-a-Long (December 16, 2020)

APES Sing-a-Long.m4v

Mrs. Nagao's Class Presentation (December 15, 2020)

Mrs Nagao Christmas.mp4

Remembrance Day Songs 2020, performed by various classrooms:

One Dream.MOV


One song.MOV

The assembly can be found on YouTube:

(If the beginning of the assembly video has not been trimmed, the assembly starts at 41:30).