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Community LINK Program

Morgan Odland, Community LINK Support Worker
Available at Eileen Madson Primary: Tuesday & Thursday's
Email Address:

My name is Ms. Morgan Odland and I am a Community LINK Student Support Worker in the Windermere Zone. My job is to provide additional supports to children in a school setting. Some of the ways I can support children are:

  • Bringing a child out of the classroom for a 'brain break' that can look like: going outside for a walk around the school grounds, reading a book together, or just a quick chat.
  • Helping children develop strong relationships with positive role models and mentors outside of the family.
  • Intervening during crisis situations with school-based team and/or community agencies and determines, develops, and implements appropriate strategies.
  • Getting groups together to provide children with a safe space to learn about social skills, friendships, nutrition, problem-solving, and to have fun together! In the past, these groups have also explored how to control emotions and to understand other people's perspectives, but in a very fun way!

I am looking forward to working with your child and would love to hear your input if there are specific things that I may be able to help with, or any ideas that you may have for me!



Morgan Odland, BSW (she/her)

Community LINK Support Worker

Windermere Zone (EMPS, EES & DTSS)


Work: 250-342.9213 ext. 4507