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Golden Secondary School
The Freedom to Soar
Health, Career and Planning


Health and Career Education and Planning aim to prepare students for today's rapidly changing workplace environments.  Students are encouraged to find post-secondary institutions and programs that will lead to fulfilling education and career options after high school.  Workplace injury prevention and increased responsibility for personal safety is explored.  

Career Education Courses include:

Career Education 8/9

Career Life Education 10

Career Life Connections 12 (mandatory)

Healthy working, personal, and family relationships are linked to living fulfilling lives, and students explore strategies for effective communication and establishing and respecting boundaries.  Understanding healthy life choices can lead us to better physical, emotional, and social well-being, and students explore ways to live healthy lives.​

Physical and Health Courses include :

Physical Education 8-10

Fitness and Conditioning 11/12

Active Living 11/12