Rocky Mountain School District No. 6


Mental Health in School Strategy

In Rocky Mountain School District No. 6, we recognize well-being is a shared responsibility throughout the organization. Through individual and collaborative action employees work together to promote health and well-being for all. Students learn best in a safe and encouraging environment where adults understand and care about themselves and others. Compassionate Systems Leadership in education guides children, youth and adults through supportive relationships and creative opportunities leading to student success.


• Encourage, empower and nurture employees through meaningful professional learning, mentoring and networking opportunities, and leadership development to grow their understanding of a trauma informed compassionate learning community.
• Foster a stigma free culture that encourages self-care and mutual support for well-being amongst colleagues across the School District.
• Introduce all educators to MindUP for Educators: The Science and Practice of Self-Care and Mindful Teaching to learn, reflect, and develop strategies to help manage stress and support mental well-being.

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Mental Health in Schools Strategy