Rocky Mountain School District No. 6


Senior Administration

Karen Shipka


Alan Rice

Secretary Treasurer

Steve Wyer

Assistant Superintendent

Sharon Collin

Director of Instruction, Instruction and Learning

Trent Dolgopol

Director of Instruction, Indigenous Education, Technology and Innovative Learning

Al Ure

Director of Operations

Amanda Garand

Human Resources Manager

Jacinda Harding

Finance Manager

Stacey Ursulescu

Executive Assistant

Lee Erikson

Administrative Assistant


Cari Dolgopol

Project Coordinator

Michelle Evans

Accountant - Teacher & Exempt Payroll

Jacinda Harding

Accountant - Manager of Finance

Cindy Nicholson

Accountant - TOC Payroll, Receivables, International Student Program

Reta Thompson

Accountant - Payable & Data Collection

Dave Vernon

Accountant - CUPE Payroll, All Employee Benefits

Human Resources

Amanda Garand

Human Resources Manager

Justin Moir

HR Coordinator - CUPE

David Sheedy

Human Resources Coordinator - Exempt & RMTA

Information Technology Services

Trent Dolgopol

Director of Instruction

Jason Effa

Network Specialist

Ashton Myers

Network Specialist

Karsen Seel

Web Developer & Help Desk Analyst

Nathan Skretting

IT Manager

Learning Support Services

Amy Bourbeau

District Psychologist

Barb Carriere

District Vice-Principal, Literacy

Jamie Corpuz

District Teacher of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing

Kristin Insull

District Vice-Principal, Numeracy

Jenna Jasek

District Vice-Principal, Indigenous Learning & Equity

Viveka Johnson

Director of Instruction

Crystal MacLeod

District Vice-Principal, Early Learning

Marcia Madson

Speech Language Pathologist

Kari Mason

District Vice-Principal, Learning Support Services

Louise McDonald

Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments


Al Ure

Director of Operations

Lisa Clifton

Operations Coordinator

Brian Nickurak

Operations Supervisor

Surrena Craig

District Health & Safety Officer