Rocky Mountain School District No. 6


The District

School District No. 6 Rocky Mountain serves all communities from Golden to Kimberley. There are 18 schools including three alternate schools and one online school in three zones, Golden, including the community of Nicholson, Windermere, including Edgewater, Invermere, and Canal Flats, and Kimberley, including Marysville.

The District serves approximately 3500 students, employs approximately 550 staff, and has an operating budget of approximately $48 million dollars. Nine Trustees make up the Board of Education, three from each zone: Its mission, vision, and values guide all decisions, made by the Board of Education.

Rocky Mountain School District also serves approximately 80 international students each year. These students from around the world enroll in our schools to study and experience the unique environment that we have to offer in British Columbia.

Organizational chart