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Early Learning Programs

The Ministry of Education currently funds school districts to provide Strong Start programs for children and their caregivers. Additionally, the Ministry supports school districts to provide Ready, Set, Learn events in communities to provide information on programs, supports, and services that are available to children and their caregivers prior to starting Kindergarten. A list of all available community programs and services can be found in Kimberley, Columbia Valley, and Golden


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Early Learning Framework

B.C.'s Early Learning Framework was revised in 2019 to expand the focus on children from birth to five years to include children from birth to eight years. This means the vision, principles, and context articulated here are relevant to working with children (and their families) from birth to Grade 3.

This Framework now connects to the Core Competencies found in the BC Curriculum, it strives to contribute to lasting reconciliation with Indigenous people, it strengthens the vision of inclusive spaces and practices for all children, and it envisions learning and being as a holistic process. 

Families can learn more by reading A Guide for Families which highlights the vision and principles of the Framework. Educators can reference the From Theory to Practice resource to deepen their understanding of the Framework and guide them in the implementation process.

Early Learning Framework (FR)


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Play-Based Learning Resources

There are several documents that have been created in support of the Early Learning Framework that parents and educators my find helpful. Play Today is a guide to support educators, parents, and families in providing high quality, play-based learning experiences. Play Today! A Guide for Families provides examples of play that children lead as well as play that can be guided by adults. It explains how learning happens and invites family members and caregivers to consider the value of play experiences for learning at home and elsewhere. Let's Play! Activities for Families includes ideas for play that connect with the Living Inquiries as described in the Early Learning Framework.