Rocky Mountain School District No. 6

Posted on Aug 15, 2023
Text in front of Rocky Mountain logo says Report an Accessibility Barrier

Accessibility refers to the degree of ease with which people with disabilities can use and enjoy something such as a device, service, or place. At Rocky Mountain School District No. 6, we are committed to providing an environment that is accessible and practical for all members of our diverse community. We recognize the importance of conscious planning, design, and effort in ensuring that barriers are removed, and accessibility is increased.

Our School District is committed to working collaboratively with the community to provide equitable treatment for people with disabilities in a way that respects their dignity. To achieve this goal, we have outlined the following commitments:

  • Engage with staff, community members and people with disabilities in the development and review of its accessibility plan.
  • Ensure that our school board policies and procedures align with the principles of accessibility.
  • Improve access to facilities, policies, programs, practices, and services for students, staff, parents/guardians, volunteers, and community members.
  • Continually improve accessibility for people with disabilities in our school community. 

The School District now has a tool for members of the School District community to report accessibility barriers.  Find out more information or make an accessibility barrier report.