Rocky Mountain School District No. 6

Posted on Aug 8, 2022

JOB TITLE: After-school Program Coordinator (2 Positions)

JOB SITES: McKim Middle School & Lindsay Park Elementary School

JOB SUMMARY: The After-school Program Coordinator will work to ensure the well-being of all
children in the program and provide administration of the program.

REPORTS TO: The Executive Director and or Board Chair

- Develop and implement programs conducive to policy decisions of the Board and to provincial
legislation criteria.
- Ensure that the Day Care Centre meets all legal and licensing requirements.
- Provide ongoing supervision to program staff.
- Supervision of, and active engagement with, children in the program.
- Ensure all client records are maintained, and all pertinent documents are completed.
- Schedule appropriate staffing.
- Participate in personnel activities such as recruitment, interviews, evaluations, and staff
discipline and maintenance of staff files.
- Facilitate appropriate referrals to other services as required.
- Plan, carry out, and evaluate developmentally appropriate activities and experiences for the
- Act as an advocate for parents, providing support while parents are in the program and, as
appropriate, providing support to the parents leaving the program.
- Administer First Aid when required.
- Maintain the facility premises.
- Complete monthly enrollment forms and send to the main office.
- Complete monthly government reporting forms for the Parent Reduction and Affordable
Childcare Act.
- Assist families with Applications for the Affordable Childcare Act.
- Balance monthly petty cash and send in reports to the accounting department.

- Responsible Adult Certification or equivalent
- First Aid Certificate
- Food Safe Certificate
- Be fully Vaccinated or willing to become fully vaccinated (records to be provided to ED)
- Criminal Record Check for working with Vulnerable Adults and Children, or willing to have one
done (the process must be started prior to starting employment)

- Proven ability to lead a team and adaptive management skills.
- Well-developed oral and written communication skills.
- Good Organization, time, and general management skills.
- Knowledge of Group process and facilitation techniques.
- Ability to develop a mutually respectful partnership with clients and their families to help clients
gain the necessary skills and confidence to address the issues and problems they face.
- Conviction about the capacity of people to grow and change.
- Ability to work in partnership with team members.
- Ability to set limits and maintain the helping role of the practitioner and to intervene
appropriately to meet the needs of the persons served or other family members.
- Sensitive and responsive to cultural differences in the client population.

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