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Each year, as part of a continuous improvement cycle, Rocky Mountain School District develops an operational plan that outlines the goals and strategies that will be the focus of the work for the upcoming year. This plan is guided by the current 4-year strategic plan using a variety of student data as the foundation for decision making, schools develop school success plans that identifies targets for improving student learning.

Join the District online to hear more about the draft 2024-25 Operational Plan.

April 30 at 10-11am

May 1 at 7-8pm

May 10 at 1-2pm

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Rocky Mountain School District No. 6

Posted on Nov 1, 2023
Jenna Jasek, Glenn Goslin, Kristin Insull, Darren Danyluk - District Principals and Vice Principals (missing Kari Mason)

As the Board of Education enters into a new four-year strategic cycle, the work of the District Principals and Vice Principals (DPVP) will be key to a number of objectives including:

  • Aligning assessment structures with the new BC Learning Pathways in Literacy and Numeracy
  • Supporting the School District to meet obligations under the BC Tripartite Education Agreement, the Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples’ Act, and developing local education agreements with Indigenous Peoples.
  • Advancing the School District’s mental health goals.
  • Ensuring families and students are successfully transitioning into kindergarten.
  • Providing much needed opportunities for students to participate in pre-kindergarten social experiences through JustB4 programs.
  • Advancing the construction of two child care centres supported by the new spaces fund.

Community Learning Sessions 

The District Principals and Vice Principals have joined forces to cultivate professional learning communities of practice in each of the communities. All DPVP travel to the communities for after school dinner sessions with teachers that connect numeracy learning, connection to the land, and Indigenous content. These professional learning sessions are voluntary and focus on teacher requests to learn more about integrating Indigenous content into plans for learning as well as the request to learn about ways to teach numeracy that align with expectations of the BC curriculum. These sessions incorporate other themes such as differentiation of learning and adapting for the early years. Each community will have 4 sessions this year. Based on evidence of success, this learning program may be extended in the upcoming year. 

The DPVP Team is instrumental in advancing the learning agenda in the School District. In addition to key projects, each of them is routinely in schools working to support teachers and principals in the areas of specialty with daily needs and requests.