Rocky Mountain School District No. 6

Posted on Jun 13, 2022
A class of students holding four blue panels with salmon pained on them.  Bus parked behind them.
Windermere Elementary Students with their gift to Shuswap Band

On Thursday, June 2, Grade 2 and 3 students from Ms. Whittick’s Windermere Elementary School class visited the Shuswap Band Office and Health Centre. The class was welcomed by Chief Cote as well as Suzie Thomas, Youth & Community Coordinator, and Chenoa Paccagnan, Education Coordinator.

The class had previously met and learned from three local wildlife biologists that specialize in the topics of fish, water, and habitat research. They had also been learning about the Indigenous perspective of how the water is a teacher from District Vice-Principal, Jenna Jasek. After having learned about salmon, their life cycles, habitats, and importance to our local Indigenous peoples, the students were moved to write letters to the Shuswap Band asking how they can help to “bring the salmon back.”

On this day, students shared a few of their letters and presented a gift to the Shuswap Band. The gift, pictured here, was a 4-panel salmon mural co-created by the class and Columbia Valley Arts Council.