Rocky Mountain School District No. 6

Posted on Jan 13, 2022

Codementum, an international coding competition, took place from December 1-12.  Golden Secondary School’s grade 10-12 computer programming class, taught by Heidi Kimber, was one of over 2500 classes that participated in the online competition throughout the world.  The class was the top finisher in Canada and 8th  internationally in the senior category.

Challenges consisted of basic coding knowledge, repeat loops, and arrays.  Classes collected stars by completing 20 challenges in the shortest amount of time.  Ms. Kimber stated, “My students have been coding using Javascript, Python, HTML & CSS, as well as some C++. Many are coding quite advanced programs and collaborating with each other. The competition was just a welcome break for them. We were all shocked to find out how well we’d done…”

Congratulations to the class on their tremendous results!