Rocky Mountain School District No. 6

Posted on Oct 27, 2023
11 adults in a park wearing rain gear and with umbrellas.  There are evergreen trees in the background and a firepit in ghe foreground.
Nasuʔkin (Chief) Joe Pierre Jr. shares knowledge with Selkirk Secondary School staff at a professional development day

In August, staff across the School District participated in a day of Indigenous learning. Each school planned their own learnings with local Indigenous partners. Principal of Selkirk Secondary School, Clint Dolgopol, shared the following about their August pro-d day.

"Sylvie DeGranpre did an amazing job in facilitating the day with support from Bonnie and Faye from School District No. 5.  Joe Pierre spoke with us a few times throughout the day, finishing the day with a story that he tied into the fire situation this summer and the need for not only reconciliation with people but with the land.  Very powerful.  A truly inspirational day that allowed us to reflect on the Four Seasons course from last year and tied many aspects of our strategic plan together".

As a learning organization, learning and continuous growth are at the heart of everything we do. SD6 Rocky Mountain’s strength, as an organization, is grounded in each members’ pursuit of ongoing personal and/or professional growth. Professional development opportunities such as the one Selkirk staff participated in August, meets the School District's Priority 3, Growing the Capacity of Self and Others which ensures the School District provides meaningful opportunities for growth within which professionals continue to pursue and enhance ways to support student learning.