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Each year, as part of a continuous improvement cycle, Rocky Mountain School District develops an operational plan that outlines the goals and strategies that will be the focus of the work for the upcoming year. This plan is guided by the current 4-year strategic plan using a variety of student data as the foundation for decision making, schools develop school success plans that identifies targets for improving student learning.

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April 30 at 10-11am

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Rocky Mountain School District No. 6

Posted on Sep 30, 2022
12 students line up in front of a Canada sign
French and Canadian Exchange Students

Rocky Mountain International Student Program (RMISP) partnered with L'association Nantes Pays de Langue Anglaise (NPLA) to offer a new reciprocal
exchange program this summer.

In this first exchange, six students from School District No. 5 and 6 were matched with six students from northwest France. The Canadians spent the month of July in homestays in France, and then returned to Canada with their French partners to complete the second half of the reciprocal exchange in August.  In addition to summer exchanges, RMISP and NPLA will also offer a 2-month fall/spring exchange.

RMISP is thrilled to be able to offer international exchange opportunities to the Canadian students living in our districts.