Rocky Mountain School District No. 6

Posted on Apr 28, 2022
A student shoveling snow in the school playground
Students studying snowpack (photo submitted by Wildsight)

Students at Selkirk Secondary School studied the science behind snow and gained a deeper understanding and appreciation for their local watershed by participating in the Know Your Watershed education program of the Columbia Basin Trust, administered and delivered by Wildsight.

Students learned about the different layers of snowpack, temperature gradients — how temperature changes in the layers of snow — and the different plants and animals that rely on these varied layers of snow to survive through the winter.  They conducted their own snow analysis, looking at how much water is actually in the snow and estimating how much liquid would melt off the school field this spring.

The final piece was looking at how snowpack impacts all the water users - like agriculture, municipalities, recreation users, wildlife and plants, and earth systems.

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