Rocky Mountain School District No. 6

Posted on Dec 23, 2022
Four teenages face a group of elementary students.  One child has their hand up to ask a question.
Selkirk Secondary students read to Lindsay Park Elementary School students

On Wednesday, November 16th, Grade 11 students from Selkirk's English First Peoples course visited Lindsay Park Elementary School (LPES) to share children's literature stories they authored and illustrated.  

The stories made broad connections to Indigenous belief and value systems as learned in the classroom (based in the FNESC curriculum), and students integrated First People's Principles of Learning with creative license to write engaging fictional stories.

Senior students made rounds to multiple classrooms at Lindsay Park, read their stories to a captivated elementary audience, and discuss thematic lessons and takeaways.  This collaborative project served as a means to build community between our local schools and further the efforts of Truth and Reconciliation and to engage in the Calls to Action.


From Selkirks's monthly newsletter submitted by Mike Gruggen