Rocky Mountain School District No. 6

Posted on Aug 31, 2023
Several adults in an auditorium.  Two adults at the front of the auditorium wearing hats read from paper while other adults stand on blankets that are folded up.  Several adults look on
Staff of Edgewater Elementary School and Martin Morigeau Elementary School participate in a Blanket Exercise led by Indigenous Education Support Workers

Yesterday, teachers returned to their schools after their summer break.  For their first two days back to work, principals, teachers, and other school staff will be getting ready to welcome students back to classrooms on Tuesday, September 5 but will also be participating in professional and personal development activities that meet the Rocky Mountain School District's strategic priority areas.

Priority 1 - Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Priority 2 - Success for Each Learner

Priority 3 - Growing the Capacity of Self and Others

Priority 4 - Stewardship for the Future

School staff will be participating in many immersive Indigenous learning opportunities. Some examples of learning opportunities they will be participating in include: visit St. Eugene's and the Ktunaxa Interpretive Centre to listen and learn from Indigenous leaders about many topics including residential schools; participate in a Blanket Exercise; learning about circle practice and integration into the school; and viewing Michael Yellow Bird's video on neurodecolonization and discussing how broaden the use of Indigenous words and phrases in routine activities.

Additionally, staff will be working on assessment practices, data collection, progress monitoring with the new curriculum and the reporting order; learning services and crisis prevention training; and leadership training to name a few of the subjects that will be covered over these two days.