Rocky Mountain School District No. 6

Posted on Feb 9, 2024
White cane tips. On the left is a marshmallow tip and on the right is a ball tip.

White Cane Week takes place on the first full week in February.  This important week raises public awareness of the challenges facing Canadians living with vision loss.

A student in SD6 shared some information about their white cane.

The first was the importance of the Gate Position:

“I stand with my cane in the gate position when I’m ready to cross a street.  It helps drivers who are in all different lanes to see my cane.”

The second piece information explains the different tips of the white canes:

“The little one is called a marshmallow tip and it is used for regular weather.  The big one is called a ball tip that I use in light snow and regular weather when I want to roll it back and forth.  I also have a big red disc one for deep snow.  My favorite one right now is the ball tip.”