Rocky Mountain School District No. 6

Posted on Apr 26, 2023
Your feedback matters!

Engagement Sessions for school success plans start in two weeks.  The schools will be sharing their 2023-24 school plans with their school community and will be seeking your feedback.  If you can’t make it to their public engagement session, they will also be doing an online survey. Check out their website after the engagement session for the link to the survey. 

The dates and locations are as follows:

Golden Engagement Sessions

  • May 11 - For Nicholson Elementary School, Lady Grey Elementary School, Alexander Park Elementary School, and Golden Secondary School 

Kimberley Engagement Sessions

  • May 18 - Marysville Elementary School
  • May 23 - McKim Middle School
  • May 24 - Selkirk Secondary School
  • May 30 - Lindsay Park Elementary School

Windermere Engagement Sessions

  • May 10 - David Thompson Secondary School
  • May 17 - Eileen Madson Primary School
  • May 18 - Windermere Elementary School
  • May 23 - J. Alfred Laird Elementary School
  • May 25 - Martin Morigeau Elementary School
  • May 30 - Edgewater Elementary School

Contact your school to RSVP.